winter boots

I made her stand in the middle of the street to take a good shot of her new boots. She did NOT like it!


Birth Card

The card I made for Oscar.
This is the one I made for Annabel


Meet Oscar

This is Oscar, born on November 4th. I'm in love!




I've got exactly 5 days to go untill my due date. So we are just hanging around the house,acting silly and trying not to stress over the delivery.



These are some of the illustrations I made for 'De Prijs van de stad Hasselt' an illustrating competition. I already entered it 4 years ago, and got nominated, this time unfortunatly, I didn't get selected.
To enter, you have to make a book for children aged 2-7y. My design is called 'Stadsmussen' and tells a story (without words) about animals who live in the city, for really young kids.


Baking class

Up to this point I've always used recipes out of books or from the internet to bake. But I actually would love to learn it properly, so my sister and I started a baking course. It's really fun and the cakes I've brought home so far are absolutely delicious. Normally I'm not really a fan of these kind of cakes, but it was suprisingly yummy!! :-)


Fall walk

Annabel spend the weekend over at her grandparents. They took her for a long walk and she absolutely loved it. It's a pitty we weren't there seeing her enthousiasm over the mushrooms and the animals. Fall has arrived!

I'm back!

After a very long summer blog break I'm back. I'll have a lot more time coming up, seeing that I'm at home all day, being very pregnant :-)



For several months now, watching 'Molleke' has become Annabels bedtime ritual. Robin and I always wonder how the makers come up with some of the crazy stories.


Last Sunday we had a small b'day party for Annabel. I made this chocolate cake (with huge chunks of chocolate) for the first time and it turned out to be quite a succes :-)! A wonder, after having to tripple the bakingtime it said in the recipe. A perfect dessert in the very hot weather!



Annabel turned 2 today! She's defenitly no longer a baby.


Easter pics

Annabels godfather took these pictures last Sunday. He's got the coolest camera as you can see in the quality of the pics...I want one too!!


Manou's card

This is the birthcard I made for my sisters baby.



My sister gave birth to the cutest little girl, Manou.
I'll post the birthcard I made, once I get the chance to take some good pictures.



Mieke Willems, the most beautiful shop in Antwerp is closing. This is so sad. Good Luck to Mieke en Veronik!


I reached the '1000 visitors mark'! Thank you all for your visits and comments :-)


Last weekend we went skiing with some friends in La Bresse, France. It was SO much fun!



On Wednesday I baked a very VERY delicious blueberry cheesecake. Never expected that it would look almost exactly like the cookbookpicture, after my recent carrotcake disaster :-) We had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days!



A birthcard I made a while ago.


time flies

A few days ago, a friend send me this picture. I had never seen it before, and was completely shocked to see how much Annabel changed over these passed months, it was only taken this summer!



These are my 2009 annual Xmas cookies. I put so much more effort into it than previous years, but I had a great time decorating them and they tasted good :-) Here you can find the recipe...its so easy!