This lovely statue we bought in Maroc last summer.
It's like a cute drawing in 3D.



I love these kind of cristal bowls and glasses, they make any drink or food look sparkling:)


At the playground

I was so excited to find this little drawing at my grandma's house. I drew it when i was 6 for an 'art exhibition' at my primary school. If I rememeber well, I'm supposed to be the short haired girl in the middle and the three others are my friends.


the bedroom

For the past 4 months Annabel has been sleeping right next to me...she's almost outgrown her little basket, so in a while I'll have to put her in her big bed in her own room. It'll be really strange not to have her so close anymore.

Notice the plug...for some strange reason the previous owners put only one of them in the entire room in this incredibly weird spot!


Our house

This is the house Robin and I bought last year. There's still a lot of work to be done. For the moment we're basically living on de first and second floor. The groundfloor is still being renovated.

My little girl was sick for the first time...and it broke my heart :-(


11 details-tag

I got tagged by Mieke Willems

1. shop for clothes: Zara and H&M
2. furniture: Kringloopwinkel, Ecoshop,...(2nd hand)
3. sweet: M&M's and Ben & Jerry's ice cream
4. city: Ghent
5. drink: Green Tea (the soda version)
6. music: Feist

7. tv: Sopranos, Sex & The City, Seinfeld
8. movie: Sience Of Sleep
9. workout: Hmmm...
10. pastries: Chocolate muffin
11. coffee: No coffee, yes tea (earl gray + milk + pastrie mentioned above)I tag Karin, When skies are grey

James Benjamin Franklin

Cool work. More here.


Little houses

I made 100 of these houses (filled with sweets) to give to friends and family who came to visit Annabel. It was so much work, but it was all worth it in the end.


Also found this at my mother-in-law's house. Robin wore this as a baby, but unfortunatly it's already too small for Annabel. I'll definitly keep it for the next baby :-)


'Een boek over vanalles en nog wat'

'A purple chicken does not exist'

'A zebra crossing is not made with a real zebra'

'Flats are a pile of little houses without roofs (otherwise they would fall down)'

Some illustrations I made for my children's book called 'A book about everything and nothing'.

Some drawings Robin made.