I've got exactly 5 days to go untill my due date. So we are just hanging around the house,acting silly and trying not to stress over the delivery.



These are some of the illustrations I made for 'De Prijs van de stad Hasselt' an illustrating competition. I already entered it 4 years ago, and got nominated, this time unfortunatly, I didn't get selected.
To enter, you have to make a book for children aged 2-7y. My design is called 'Stadsmussen' and tells a story (without words) about animals who live in the city, for really young kids.


Baking class

Up to this point I've always used recipes out of books or from the internet to bake. But I actually would love to learn it properly, so my sister and I started a baking course. It's really fun and the cakes I've brought home so far are absolutely delicious. Normally I'm not really a fan of these kind of cakes, but it was suprisingly yummy!! :-)