Summer / Winter

Today the first snow fell...


7 Random facts

I was tagged by Kimberly.

1. I always fall asleep during a movie, unless it's a scray one (like The Hills Have Eyes)

2. Until I was about thirteen, people always thought I was a boy.

3. The one thing I'm really convinced I'm good at, is skiing. So does the rest of my family, and we just love bragging to eachother about how good we are :-)

4. When I was seventeen I went on exchange to Australia (Perth) for one year. The first thing I did was getting my eyebrow pierced! I lied to my hostmum that my parents wouldn't mind. Now it has left me with two wholes that will never seem to close up.

5. I divide M&M's by color and amount, when Robin and I share a bag

6. Up to the point my two sisters and I left the house, going to uni/college, we used to get into the most dramatic fights about clothes all the time.

7. When I grew up, Monday was chocolate day.

I tag Karin, Sakletarn, Magdalena, Sandra