New blog!

Here's my new blog. Time for something new. It was fun having you here for the past three years. Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't, we'll see. bye! x


a big bed for a big girl

Annabel has outgrown her little baby crib, so today we got her a new big bed! I had a great time setting it up with things from my shop. The bedframe we found a while ago in 'de Kringloopwinkel'. This is what her room looked like before.


op shop finds

I bought some real treasures today! Especially the feather filled ski suit is my favourite. Oscar's ready for next winter :-)



Annabel had to be dressed up to go to school today. She wanted a snowwhite costume, but as they all were sold out, ì told her she was a little-red-riding-hood-princess!


Oscars party

A few weeks ago we had a party to celebrate Oscars birth. It was a wonderfull sunny afternoon!


back to work

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, after being at home for the past 5 months. A lot has happened since, with Oscars birth as the main event :-)! After 3 months he has grown alot and is no longer a fragile newborn...so I guess he's ready for daycare. Its time to step back into the real world, trying to figure out the new me; a fulltime working mother of two!!