the bedroom

For the past 4 months Annabel has been sleeping right next to me...she's almost outgrown her little basket, so in a while I'll have to put her in her big bed in her own room. It'll be really strange not to have her so close anymore.

Notice the plug...for some strange reason the previous owners put only one of them in the entire room in this incredibly weird spot!


mieke willems said...

annabel ziet eruit als een pop hier! hihi! idd zeer vreemde plek voor het stopcontact!!!!

Maria said...

oh so sweet!!

I like the wallpaper. but it's indeed a weird place for a plug :)

sara said...

oh my ½ years old girl is getting to big for her bed to. But we live in a 2 room big flat so i will sleep close to her and her new big bed for a couple of more months :), but we are moving and then...That basket is too cute!