7 Random facts

I was tagged by Kimberly.

1. I always fall asleep during a movie, unless it's a scray one (like The Hills Have Eyes)

2. Until I was about thirteen, people always thought I was a boy.

3. The one thing I'm really convinced I'm good at, is skiing. So does the rest of my family, and we just love bragging to eachother about how good we are :-)

4. When I was seventeen I went on exchange to Australia (Perth) for one year. The first thing I did was getting my eyebrow pierced! I lied to my hostmum that my parents wouldn't mind. Now it has left me with two wholes that will never seem to close up.

5. I divide M&M's by color and amount, when Robin and I share a bag

6. Up to the point my two sisters and I left the house, going to uni/college, we used to get into the most dramatic fights about clothes all the time.

7. When I grew up, Monday was chocolate day.

I tag Karin, Sakletarn, Magdalena, Sandra


mieke willems said...

leuke facts leen, aten jullie dan de hele maandag door chocola? haha! leuk!

Leen said...

nee hoor, al had ik at toen ongetwijfeld wel geweldig gevonden. Een reep + boterham bij het avondeten.En de rest van de week was er zelden snoep te bespeuren bij ons in huis. Vandaar dat er zich op latere leeftijd een chocoladeverslaving ontwikkeld heeft denk ik!

karin said...

Hi, thanks for the tag!
That photo is amazing.

when skies are grey said...

Ha ha!!!
That is so funny about your eyebrow
piercing (oddly enough I had one of those too :)!
Thanks for doing this, it was fun reading your randomness.